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"Femdom" is not a person

By Tom Deckard 21 de Abril 2023
"Femdom" is a term that is often misinterpreted, especially in the German-speaking world. For example, some bloggers falsely claim that femdom is another word for dominatrix. READ MORE...

Femdom and BDSM is just perversion?

By Tom Deckard 20 September 2022
BDSM and femdom are about much more than just pain. READ MORE...

Experience report from the Domina Course

By F. Müller, 6 December 2021
Domina School - The Heiresses of Marquis de Sade. An experience report from a course visit. READ MORE...

The voices of sex workers

By Tom Deckard 14 June 2021
The reality is different from what the moralists would like. READ MORE...

The 'Nordic Model' of Sex Work

By Tom Deckard 10 June 2021
A fig leaf of politics, at the expense of sex workers. READ MORE...

The blog author Tom Deckard

For Tom, devotion is a lifelong passion and his experience as a sub turned out to be a great advantage when working as an instructor for the Dominatrix School: he knows exactly what moves a dominatrix's clients and he knows the appropriate techniques and their effect. Tom is also a designer, BDSM photographer and writer. He writes in this blog about his personal experiences and recommendations in the field of femdom, BDSM and sex work.