The dominated dominatrix Can the customer of a Dominatrix still be king?

By Tom Deckard April 8. 2023

Clients often come to a Dominatrix with specific wishes. Newcomers in particular do this out of insecurity and fear and sometimes even bring a whole programme with them that prescribes the course of action in every detail. Others simply want to experience a specific situation they have seen in porn.

That clients have wishes of course undermines the role of the Domina.

Some Dominatrixes who already have a lot of experience and a reliable client base can afford to be so strict that they do not respond to any wishes. Even if someone new comes to them, they make it clear as a condition to him for meeting her: "At the door, you leave your wishes, taboos and ideas behind. When you step through it, only what I want counts".

But most Dominas have to cater to a wider clientele and are more flexible. They compromise depending on how busy they are. The art is to include specific wishes of the client in the game, but to combine them in their own way.

If newcomers want to circumvent the dominance of the mistress with their guidelines, she should not let herself be frustrated by this. Rather, she may respond, knowing that it is simply part of the process of getting to know each other, if the new sub meets the unknown with restraint. Every good slave will already open up after the first session, because for the second time he can imagine a bit more concretely what to expect. His training also takes away his insecurity - loss of control, surprise and fear thus become an exciting experience that he will want to constantly expand with his trusted Dominatrix.