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Dominatrix courses and femdom training at the Domina School Switzerland.

Our courses have been developed for private and professional use. In the Dominatrix training with us, you, as a Mistress, will learn everything about Femdom (female dominance), Female-led Relationship FLR and BDSM.

Attention: Course location is no longer in Schlieren but in 9500 Wil SG.

The game of dominance and submission is the central element in BDSM. A dominatrix is familiar with her slave's fantasies and knows how to skilfully use her tools to bring him to the limits of his devotion. With us you will learn the basics of successful dominance

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Instructor Tom

During a shooting in his photo studio, an aspiring dominatrix noticed that Tom knew all what she wanted to learn about femdom. So she made him her consultant and teacher. Her colleagues were also interested and so Tom developed a dedicated course programme with input from Dommes and Subs.

"Sometimes I got asked if it's not better to learn this from a dominatrix. Some of my students had done this before, but then lacked the perspective of the sub to be able to understand his desires and their influence on him, and also lacked a thoughtful theoretical foundation to build on with their own personalities."

For Tom, devotion is a lifelong passion and his experience as a sub turned out to be a great advantage in his teaching: He knows exactly what moves the clients of a dominatrix and he knows the corresponding techniques and their effects from his own experience.

As a professional designer and photographer for many years, he can also help you develop your image and successful advertising.

Dominatrix training at the Domina School Switzerland

Our basic course was created in 2 years of development work based on the experience of Tom, Marc, our subs and domme colleagues who run salons in London, Barcelona and Zürich.

Tom Deckard Instructor
basic course
Mistress Rachael Consultant Domina
Marquise de Bâle Instructor
Clinic & Latex
Sub D
Sub N
publikationenPress articles (German) in Tagblatt of Zurich and Doppelpunkt magazine
Watson ArtikelShort-interview in the Watson magazine
Some of the dominas we have trained
Madame Anabelle Goddess Jasmin Miss Jayla Déesse Eris Marquise De Bale Lady Xenya Domina Diana Lady Lania Nina Swiss Lady Vivienne
Female dominance, train your slaves
Dominatrix formation training courses Dominatrix formation training courses
Training courses
for professionals or individuals

Course location: Wil SG near train station (30 min. from Zurich airport)
Course dates: are individually agreed, Mon - Thu afternoons/evenings
Informations about the procedure

Fun taster course

    You are curious, but still unsure whether Femdom is something for you? Here we show you what it is all about and let you try it with our object.

  • 1 hour fun for CHF 250.–

Basics Domina Course I: Theory

  • Theory & psychology, facets of BDSM
  • Equipment, safety, law
  • Session procedure
  • Appearance, advertising
  • ca. 3 hours, 1 student CHF 450.-*

Basics Domina Course II: Technique

  • Handling the sub
  • Techniques with the sub
  • Education & Discipline
  • Pain & Arousal
  • ca. 3 hours, 1 student CHF 450.-*

Basics Domina Course III: Practice

  • Planning a session
  • Phases of a session
  • Conducting a session with sub
  • 2-3 hours, 1 student CHF 450.-*

Hence, the complete basic course with the three parts costs a total of CHF 1350.-

Clinic Courses I & II

  • Catheter, Enema
  • Urethra stretching
  • ca. 3 hours CHF 450.- plus 30.- material

  • Needles
  • 1 hour CHF 200.-

Advanced courses on individual topics

  • Anal stretching, fisting
  • Latex and rubber
  • Electrosex, sex machines
  • Slavery
  • Sissification

We continue to support you, even after the courses

  • Help with choosing clothes, studios to work in
  • Photos in our photo studio examples at
  • Your own website
  • Advertisements, texts, social media, etc.
  • Assistance for your sessions


  • Andreas-Cross
  • BDSM-couch
  • Gyno-chair
  • Pillory
  • Installing
  • see examples

Procedure and costs

All our private courses are individually tailored to your needs and build on your existing knowledge. The three basic courses including the practical training each last approx. 3 hours (ideally on 3 different days). We set the course dates according to your preferences. Possible schedules are from monday to thursday, afternoon or night.

*The costs are CHF 450 per basic-course for one dominatrix student. The complete 3 basic courses thus costs CHF 1350.-. The price changes if several students want to do the courses together: For two students CHF 270.-/person, for three CHF 200.-/person. Payment is in cash on the day of the course.

After successful completion of the whole basic course, a certificate will be handed to you.

We too, have made adjustments because of Corona. We have therefore moved the course location from Zurich and Schlieren to Wil SG (20 min. to Winterthur Zurich).

Courses in your country
Some students come from other countries to Switzerland just for the courses. If you do not have that possibility, we can discuss for our instructor to come to you. Contact us.

We also make furniture: Our special Deckard's cross for salons with little space, besides cross replaces also gynochair and bondage table

BDSM furniture, Deckardkreuz - St. Andrew's Cross Gynaecological Chair and Bondage Bench
Photography for femdom and BDSM
Our Q&A

Is there a symbol for BDSM?

This particular triskelion was developed in the mid-90s as a symbol for the BDSM lifestyle. The search for a symbol started at that time in an AOL discussion forum with the requirement that it should look mysterious but not be too conspicuous for people outside the community. Steve Quagmyr, one of the forum's admins, finally came up with the design suggestion based on the Yin-Yang symbol, inspired by the description of a symbol in the book "History of O" by Pauline Réage (Anne Desclos). Mehr dazu...

What do I learn in a Domina course?

Basically, the dominatrix course serves for the student to learn to break out of the traditional interpersonal manners. Being polite and accommodating, putting one's own desires and needs aside out of consideration or shame, not harming others - all this comes from our natural, social sense of morality or is instilled in us. Some women find it easier than others to shed this behavior, but all can learn to be dominant given the right circumstances.

In the theoretical part of the femdom training the student learns the background - the origin of the BDSM movement and the motives and needs of a submissive man. We cover the tools a dominatrix uses, the clothing as well as building the image for advertising. This understanding helps her break out of the traditional role of a woman when she first faces a submissive in the following part.

In the Domina Technique and Practice course, the prospective Dominatrix will then learn step by step to apply the basic techniques most used in femdom. After handling the slave, the physiology of the genitals, balance of pain, arousal and fetish, spanking technique, bondage restraint technique, anal techniques will follow. Our dominatrix basic course is designed so that she can build on it with her personal inclinations and interests. And of course we offer extension courses for specific orientations like clinic, machine sex, sissification etc.

See also the blog article "Report from the dominatrix course".

Do I have to be a sadist to become a Dominatrix?

It is certainly easier for a sadistically inclined woman to take the dominant role. In any case, it is about breaking the normal manners (as explained above). But most clients are in the soft and medium range of BDSM and it is not necessary to get particularly loud, condescending or violent with them. Light to medium levels of dominance can be learned by any woman. It is true that there are clients who absolutely need a naturally inclined sadist, because only she is able to create such extreme pain and humiliation. But we show our student how to attract the clients that suit her, using the appropriate image representation. See also the blog article "Femdom and BDSM is just perversion?

As a Dominatrix, do I have to hurt and torture someone?

Again, a dominatrix should position herself according to her inclinations. If a student has trouble with blood and causing great agony, we show her how to present herself as a soft dominatrix so that she feels comfortable with the customers who come to her.

Is Dominatrix training worth it?

For both private and professional use, the answer is definitely yes. For professional dominas, the earning potential is very great, so the course costs are not a factor. And for both private and professional use, although you can teach yourself a lot, our students confirm again and again that the security, inputs and perspectives they received through the dominatrix training were crucial for their development and success.

How much can I earn as a dominatrix?

Already a beginning dominatrix (also called "Young Domina") can charge CHF 300.- per hour after the dominatrix course. Experienced Dominas usually charge CHF 400.- to CHF 500.- per hour, among other things also because they offer an equipped room and need time for cleaning furniture and tools after each session.

But of course, prices are open upwards depending on supply and demand. Often customers are also interested in longer sessions that last several hours. Sessions over several days can also occur, or long-term arrangements with cleaning and service slaves. For this, special price offers are made in each case, where a distinction is made between pure presence time (for example, waiting time in the cage) and interaction time (when the dominatrix is actively working with / on the sub).

Will I receive a diploma after the Domina course?

There is no recognized training in this area. We will issue a certificate for the successfully completed basic course with us if we can confirm that the student is appropriately confident in handling the sub.

What does femdom mean?

The term Femdom is an abbreviation for "Female Dominance". The term describes a certain orientation within BDSM, where a woman in the top-bottom relationship takes the dominant top role.

Some German bloggers spread their wrong understanding of this term, see our blog post "Femdom is not a person".

What is a Bizarre Lady or a Fetish Goddess?

Within the kinds of play in femdom, the Bizarrelady and the Fetish Goddess are specialized sub-forms. With the Goddess, worshipping is the central element, serving certain fetishes, such as foot fetish, butt fetish, lingerie or stocking fetish, etc., or also findom (Financial Dominance) or abstinence (Chastity). The touch of her body, her smell and her bodily fluids play a big role and under certain circumstances she lets herself be satisfied orally (Facesitting).

The term "Bizarrlady" is commonly used for a sex worker who offers a combination of fetish, BDSM and often also sex. She is usually touchable, soft-dominant, little or not at all dominant.

What is an untouchable or a touchable dominatrix?

The classic dominatrix is considered untouchable, in the sense that she does not allow herself to be touched intimately. Very strict dominas typically go so far as to never expose themselves. However, touching of feet and backs of hands are allowed by most under certain circumstances.

Even a Dominatrix who positions herself as touchable usually does so only under conditions. She reserves the right to decide who may touch her and when. This can go so far that she can be satisfied orally, which means a great honor for the sub and is actually what every sub hopes for the most. She never lets herself be used to be penetrated (fucked), but she may decide to use a slave to penetrate herself, as long as she holds control.

What is vanilla sex?

This refers to the normal sex practices that are common to most people. This includes petting, sexual intercourse, both heterosexual and homosexual in nature - in fact, anything that does not involve sadomasochism or fetishism. "Vanilla" can also refer to someone who is boring and ordinary.

As a Dominatrix, do I also have to offer sex?

In short: No. The professional dominatrix is usually not even sexually aroused herself, but rather busy with the execution of techniques. Her satisfaction takes place on a different level. She may let herself be orally satisfied if she wants to, as described above. But she never lets herself be penetrated (fucked).

Unlike the private Domme, which primarily wants to have her sexual needs satisfied. This includes any sexual act including being licked and fucked. The only constant here is that it is the woman in the role of the Domme who says what the bottom has to do, even if, for once, she would lie under him.

Are sadomasochists mentally ill?

The topic still meets with a lack of understanding and many prejudices in the public. Even a certain popular book and movie series has done little to change this - not surprisingly, since it poorly represents BDSM.

Those who are not familiar with the subject themselves may well find various of these practices repulsive - but as a sexual game with the mutual consent of all participants ("safe, sane and consensual" concept) there is nothing in BDSM that has to be described as reprehensible.

From the psychological point of view, it should be mentioned that studies attest to the BDSM-practicing subjects a more balanced state than the rest of the average population. They show less stress in their lives and they are also more open and tolerant towards others. (Study by Juliet Richters of the University of New South Wales in Sydney, 2008).

A possible explanation for this are the psychological and physiological experiences with oneself and with partners gained through BDSM practices, which require a high degree of mutual trust, surrender, control, and self-knowledge.

Who wants pain voluntarily?

Pain is only one aspect of BDSM. Thus, there are practitioners who exclude pain altogether, but also those who accept pain only up to a certain limit or who are interested exclusively in extreme pain.

An experienced dominatrix knows how to use pain specifically as an expression of her power over the sub. Pain can be a means of punishment or in combination and with the right balance to arousal, a means to increase the pleasure enormously.

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